In The Beginning

I’ve got a thing for love in all its forms. 



Photography is a hobby of mine and I love taking pictures with the intent to share as much joy as possible. That’s what got this blog started before it was ever a blog.

You see, I’m all about spreading joy and sharing beauty. Once I made it my intention to see love every day, I started seeing hearts and other representations of love. In the beginning, I thought of it as just something for me, but the moment I began uttering the Prayer of St. Francis every morning, “Make me an instrument of thy peace,” more and more started showing up.

Social media junkie that I am, I enjoy sharing pictures I take of the synchronicities and started posting on my Facebook page but people asked when I would start a blog for it.


I was having a bit of a rough winter and found that looking for things like hearts made my days brighter. It was the simple act of training my eyes to see things a little bit differently which made feel differently, even when life was getting hectic or stressful.

Originally, I shared it all on my Instagram page (@cherylalisoncostello) and thought it would possibly make for great content on its own.

And so, here we are.

It’s wonderful to have you here, reading through and having a look at all the love the world has to offer when you open yourself to it

May it inspire you, enchant your soul and ignite your passion for experiencing the love around you every day. That is my wish for you.


Much love,



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