Love Leading Up To Today: Pt. 1

I would once say that I was looking for love.

One of the most profound things that my tendency to find hearts everywhere has taught me is that I can’t look for it because it has to find me.

And inevitably, it does.

The most powerful reminders that it’s all turning out really well, sometimes better than we think, are in the times where hearts pop up out of nowhere.

Two of the best examples are of the conversations I have with my dear friend and “Momma Bird”, Aubrey. We talk about life and so often of love; not just love in a romantic way, but what it will feel like when we’re curled up next to our envisioned partners or what it will feel like when we wake up next to them with the sunlight filtering in through the curtains on mornings we can take our time with. We describe it as if it all took place already because he and I both know that it kind of has and we’re just catching up to that dream/vision we’re holding in the centre of our soul.

If there is a better way to speed up manifestation, I haven’t yet found it and on two occasions, I was in the kitchen with him, preparing dinner, talking about those very things, when hearts literally appeared in the food I was cooking.

December 27, 2013.

December 27, 2013.

And more recently.

April 3, 2014.

April 3, 2014.

It’s easy to dismiss these things are being completely irrelevant or, as a few friends have told me, “upside down butts.” However, I choose to see hearts and see them as something immensely supportive of those beautiful dreams we build for ourselves.


Because hearts represent so much good.

Think about the vocabulary we build around hearts in our lives: lifeblood, heart and soul, heart ache, heartstrings, heartbreak, hearts-on-our-sleeves, heart in hand. And think about the things we associate hearts with: joy, love, connection, oneness, togetherness, healing, sharing, positivity, creation, expansion, what keeps us alive, affection, optimism and much more.

Those little threads make up the tapestry that makes up my belief that when hearts are around, good things are happening or it’s just the Universe stopping by to say, “I see you and your prayers have been heard. They’re being answered so just sit tight and keep riffing on the positive.”

And so, I do.

I could just as easily see a bunch of upside down butts everywhere, but where’s the fun in that?


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