Winter Hearts


January 3, 2014.

I don’t often listen to the little things the Universe tries to tell me about love and how much of it surrounds us all the time.

This winter I closed parts of myself off to do some internal housekeeping and it was such a beautiful thing that I’m infinitely glad I did.

During weeks where I stopped to listen to what the Universe had to tell me that it was all good, I started to trust what was happening and I started to trust myself with all the wonderful things I wanted to unfold in my life.

I was at the bus stop one evening, waiting to meet up with some friends, mulling over the details for a few uncertainties when I was shaken out of the scenarios playing over in my mind by this gem perched perfectly in the snow. It was a simple reminder that our entire mood changes the instant we shift the focus of our thoughts.

This was the start of more and more of the hashtag I started using on Instagram: #findinghearts.

At a moments notice, love is right there rooting for you. It’s not always obvious and it may be something as subtle as a shape in the snow but it will never let you down.


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