Good Morning Beautiful

I started this yesterday and immediately felt apprehensive at what it would mean in the long run. What would happen if I couldn’t find anymore hearts? Then I couldn’t post much and it would be just a good idea without much weight to carry it.

My tendency to overthink was set to overdrive.

I woke up this morning and after putting a load of laundry in the wash, set out to enjoy the morning, regardless of how worried I felt. I had a friend send me a picture to post on here of a heart she found. Relieved, I thought, “Awesome. Now, if I don’t see any hearts or love today, I’m covered.”

But the day had other plans for me.

Not even 10 minutes into my walk I was greeted to the most breathtaking display of Spring that my soul ached for all Winter.

The temperature was perfect and the rain the night before left behind more green, spotting the otherwise wintry landscape. The sun peeked out of the clouds slowly, as if to beckon me to take all of it in, promising to still be there if I savored some other part of the morning scenery.

And as I walked on, it just got more and more breathtaking.

The sunrise looked stunning but what was even more lovely was the shape of the clouds as more of the sun poked it’s face through.

Almost right away I was given my first heart. It being in the clouds, too, may seem like a happy coincidence but I can’t help but feel like the Universe is trying to help me see, in small moments, that there really isn’t anything to worry about.

While I don’t consider myself the Christian I used to once upon a time, I still found it wonderful to see that what started as a heart, took on the shape of an angel in the clouds as they shifted with the morning breeze.

And it felt like all of nature was conspiring just to get me grinning and it filled me right up to see so many places where it felt like the Universe was whispering through a smile, “Look what we put together just for you!”



And as if to really make it so clear that I could trust all of this, I found more hearts.


I laughed out loud on the empty path and took two pictures because I had to capture the unmistakeable shape of the heart and the scenery made the pictures that much more incredible.

There are some things we keep for ourselves but this morning was meant to be shared. I feel so lucky to see these things and want to share as much love as possible so hopefully they give you hope, too. Hope for the things you want to see unfold; hope for the friends you’ve yet to make; hope for the relationship you want to build; hope for all of our invisible things.

Remember that Life is always conspiring in your favor and if you doubt it, simply stay open to the possibility that you’re blessed a hundred times over. It’s in the staying open to it, that we find it or as I’m playfully discovering, that it finds us.


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