After The Storm

Winter was rough for most people in Canada, whatever way you slice it.

Where I’m from, we had an ice storm that coated trees and caused a number of them to crack, collapse or need to be cut down.

It was about 3 days of freezing rain off and on that left the world looking something like this…



Those pictures don’t even depict the worst of the damage. Uploaded to my Instagram, those captured more of the beauty before the winds began gusting, bringing a lot of trees down.

It was heartbreaking, because the day after the storm, with the back door open all that echoed around the house was the sound of branches snapping or trees falling over completely.

Walking around lately and taking in the beauty of what’s left of the trees saw me stumble upon a curious sight among the stumps left behind from the clean-up.


While I know that it may just be the way the trees look after they’re cut down but it’s like love was left behind where destruction made its presence known.


I finally started taking pictures of them on different occasions so that all of these photos were taken on totally different days.


And they just kept coming…


Until I saw this one a few days ago, a heart at the bottom of a stump, and decided that I could share what my thoughts were every time I saw them and why, if you saw me when I found them, you’d see me grinning at the ground.


How beautiful is that?

Love left its mark in places where wintry destruction changed the landscape.

It’s something I look for when I take the long way.

Where have you seen love after the storm?


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