An Afternoon Filled With Hearts

This Easter I spent the afternoon with family and decided when I saw the weather forecast, that I was going to walk to dinner, making the 2 hour trek on trails and pathways. I didn’t even realize it but the first picture I took, standing on a sandbank formed the last time the creek overflowed it’s banks, had a heart in the corner.
What started small, turned into a full fledged heart fest where I found a handful of hearts littering the walk.

I saw the hearts in fallen trees, branches, piles of dirt and everywhere else in between.

Even the leaves were shaped like hearts.

And I stopped on the journey to take in some shade and read a little bit.

And I looked down to find a small stone shaped like a heart.

And not even 5 minutes later I saw another heart in the moss nearby.

And they just kept showing up from there.

And the “Mother Loves You” graffiti came out of the blue.

Shortly afterwards, I walked to an enclosure filled with tall, reaching trees and found a heart in a shadow.


While walking past the oldest trees along the pathway, I saw a heart in the bark, as it twisted and gnarled into rounded shapes.

And the faint shape of a heart caught my eye in the wood of another.

And I found spray painted hearts on the pavement on the way to Easter dinner.

The last leg of the walk gave me two final hearts that filled me right up.


It was an absolutely magical walk that reminded me at every single turn of just how much love is out there to support us in this life.

While walking I asked the Universe to give me hearts to share with a few people in need of hope, faith and love today; From the looks of things, the Universe acquiesced beautifully.

Here’s to finding love for you and for others, too.


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