Mornings Are Sacred

My mornings off are a sacred time that allow me to connect with the Universe and the depths of my soul.

It’s easy for me to lose myself in every part of the world as it wakes up and leaves behind the faint caress of the night that gave way to daylight.

While in the midst of a glorious Sunday, I found all of these hearts while basking in the frosty sunshine of the slowly unfolding morning.


There was a heart perched right in the middle of the opening of a trail I hadn’t yet explored and it ushered me forward as I discovered an entirely new portion of the area I frequent on those blessed mornings to myself.

And while on the way back out from the trail, I found this heart on the pavement, as if the Universe was trying to say, “That little bit of wonder you just felt? Yeah, that whole discovery was orchestrated today just to make you smile.”


And while walking along the water to get back home, I found this heart-shaped rock and it rounded out the entire walk.


And before leaving the waterside, I wanted to leave a little love behind for someone else to discover along the way so that they too, might be reminded of all the love that surrounds them.


I never asked to start seeing all these hearts.

They just started showing up and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What better way to know that we’re always supported and taken care of than finding all of these hearts?

Byron Katie teaches that there is nothing we can do to not be loved.

And one of the things this project is highlighting with even greater clarity is the fact that there’s nothing we can do to stop the good. It will find us eventually and most of the time the only thing stopping it is that we’re getting in our own way.


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