Hearts in Nature

It’s the hearts in nature which affect me the most profoundly.

How does water move swiftly through and around patches of dirt and sand to kiss the pavement softly with a heart-shaped impression after rainfall?

It easy to miss them because they blend in so well with mundane scenery. If you stop to think about how amazing it is that they’re so perfectly shaped sometimes, you have to entertain with bated breath, the possibility that they’re around just for our enjoyment; so that wonder may fill our own heart more than the worries of the day.

Hearts have their own shape and while they look little like the ones beating in our chests, they remain representatives of something bigger than ourselves.

They lead us somewhere bigger in friendships, in family, in romance or in our perspective on the world; they call us out of hiding and draw us into what Rumi calls, “the field between wrongdoing and rightdoing”.

Even rainy days and the shapes the water takes as it cascades towards the ground it settles into, can’t stop love.

There comes a point where, suspended in the air with all your doubt, love finds you; And it wasn’t your faith, face, friends, family or your financials that brought it all together.

It finds you because at your core, there is something you cannot stop or cease to be.

That something is deserving.

That something is enough.

That something is so worthy that the Universe puts on a show every single day for the sole purpose of making you smile.


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