Sidewalk Chalk

There is something magical about sidewalk chalk littering the pavement.

It’s as though I’m being given a glimpse into a world so alive and vivid for a child that they have no reservations about sharing it with others because it’s so real they can’t help but share it’s beauty.

I was walking home from work, tired and longing for my bed but with a lot of other tasks to complete before sleep found me. My thoughts were a jumble of to-do’s and several, “I really just want sleep. Why did I do this to myself?”

And before I could even think of writing up invitations to a pity party, I came across a child’s art on the pavement and immediately got swept away in it. It stretched across the sidewalk by several feet and towards the end of all the scribbles, I saw a heart and knew.

More joy.

More gratitude.

More appreciations.

Because bad days don’t mean a bad life and somewhere, someone is dreaming of the very opportunities momentarily keeping me from sleep.

Rinse and repeat.


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