Rock Hearts and Moving Water

The way water behaves has enchanted me for some time.

Few experiences are as soothing as sitting at the shores of a lake as the waves crash into the sand, a light wind caressing your face while the sun’s rays warm your face in a glorious concoction that reminds you of why you’re grateful to be alive.

Out for a walk one afternoon after a rainfall, I found myself following a stream and marvelling in how it knew when to rise and fall and the way that life around it didn’t seem to mind that it needed to overflow its banks for a moment. Nature around the water demonstrated the most gracious amount of patience without words to express that it was okay for the water to do what it needed to, to behave as it would.

Being that I’m such a huge fan of leaving the beaten or paved pathways and looking for where Nature really lives, in the tangled branches and brambles, fallen leaves underfoot and freshly growing grass, I ventured more towards the water and further from the pathway that wove alongside it.

While staring in awe at the swiftly moving water, I noticed a rock slowly emerging from the mud left behind as the stream’s levels returned to their norm.

untitled-93Perched there as if serving as a gentle reminder for those truly looking for reminders of Love, I found myself smiling at the fact that Nature, with Her unending patience, still has love to give. She has love to give whether or not waters overflow their banks or stay contained neatly therein and it reminded me that it’s similar to how the Universe love us.

Whether we stay contained within our banks or occasionally overflow after a storm.

Perched there reminding me, that rock was the signpost suggesting that there is nothing we can do to stop being loved by the Universe.


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