Receiving Love

I woke up on Saturday morning, surrounded by love and rather than go back to sleep with the time I had before work, I decided to go on a gratitude walk.

With each step I communed with the Universe, giving thanks for all the love that made it’s way to me.

I used to feel like I had to have an infinite number of ‘ducks in a row’ before I could experience love of any kind. It was a cruel thought to hang over my head because, after all, we are all walking incompletions and that is a truly beautiful thing.

Where I used to lament the things I missed, there is now, only this sense of awe and wonder that life can really feel this good.

And being it’s playful self, this is what the Universe left for me, in a neighbor’s driveway within a few minutes of my walk.

In moments like that I can’t help but feel like the Universe is smiling back, hugging back and casting it’s gaze upon me like a proud parent.

And as I got further into the trails that morning, moment-by-moment I was saying thank you for the people who fill my days.

Receiving love can be harder than giving it, because it offers feelings of insecurity and unworthiness can come to the surface. And much of my walk was spent contemplating the fact that somewhere along the lines, I learned to receive. I don’t know when it happened but I do know that it’s made giving that much sweeter.

Within a few short breaths of that thought, I was blissed with this scene unfolding before me.

My favorite heart so far, it captures the feeling of receiving love and how it makes the cultivating of it, so profound.

Here’s to letting love in.

It’s not always easy but I promise you that it won’t let you down.


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