In Full Bloom

Spring is a giving thing.

It’s a time of blooming and every day, new life is bursting forth from the Earth to reveal an adventure for the senses.

This time of year is a favorite of mine to go for walks several times a week and watch the world change and literally blossom before my eyes.

A recent walk didn’t let me down with it’s offerings of life, either.untitled-131

untitled-133 untitled-171 untitled-173 untitled-180-2I would say that I look for hearts everywhere but the more I’ve trained my eye to see the good in things and people, the more I’m realizing that they’re finding me.

Because that’s what love does.

It finds you wherever you’re at and takes you for all that you are in that moment.

Which is the most important lesson I’ve learned so far.

Where you’re at today and who you are today, is worth all the love in the world.

Hang onto that, always.


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