Hearts When You Need It Most

It was quickly becoming one of those days….

I was running late, tired, the coffee maker didn’t run when I thought it would and I didn’t have enough time to eat before rushing off to work.

I took one last sip of water before dashing out the door to try and make up the handful of minutes I was running behind, when I saw this at the bottom of my glass…

There, tucked away in the bottom left corner of my glass was the faintest heart.

And despite my grumpiness and frustration at dropping the ball a few times throughout the day, it turned out to be a day of blessings.

Most importantly, the lesson was that if I didn’t slow down long enough to see the heart, I would’ve missed the chance to give back in a way that erased all of the negatives that day.

Maybe it reminds you of the same?


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