A Lazy Afternoon

A friend and I were spending a day together, weaving our way through trees, trails and basking in all the sunshine we could soak up.

It was the one day a week I gave myself, to set down my cell phone, let the calls go to voicemail and be present with myself and those around me.

We went on a mini-adventure to get the makings of freshly made lunch and almost immediately I started seeing the hearts…



Before getting to the grocery store, we found ourselves in a veritable treasure trove of nature’s finest, where we spent a moment taking in all the beauty.

And as if to make it abundantly clear that my abundance is directly connected to the beauty I’m seeing around me, I found one last heart at the bottom of the salad bowl.

Sometimes all it takes to let a little love in, is being willing to set down devices for a day and let the rhythm of the day carry you.

It’s something worth trusting in.


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