The Unexpected Places

I was out for a hike one afternoon and at the moment I least expected it, love showed up and delivered this incredible surprise.

Spending the afternoon on a hike with absolutely no signs of the world around me giving me hearts that day and then like a favorite song coming on the radio at the perfect time, these hearts which someone drew onto the brick wall of a storage shed, had me laugh out loud because of course the Universe would have hearts showing up in the most unexpected places.

And of course it does.

Regardless of what other people’s intentions are and regardless of what other people are doing, the Universe is hard at work in your favor.

And generally speaking, love wins.

So remember not to get caught up in figuring any of it out.

Just let love find you, notice it when it gets there and constantly give thanks for it because that’s what guides us back home.

IMG_0200 ❤


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