With Hearts On Top

It had been a long day of trying to sort out what someone else wanted, where I was mostly in a state of trying to figure other people out (at the best of times, it’s exhausting).

Running around for a group I volunteer with, combined with my day job left me unable to to do the grocery shopping I wanted to and so, in a rare move, I ordered take-out.

Beginning the time I finally had to myself, I sighed a couple of times, while unpacking dinner, thinking about all the things I had to do while wondering about what was actually expected of me, and what do I see on top of the salad I ordered?


What are the odds of that happening?

By statistics alone? Probably not all that high.

All I knew was that the reminder was there that my only real “work” is to stay in a place of gratitude for everything I have and everything that’s yet to show up.

Especially when dinner arrives faster than you thought, with hearts on top like cherries!
IMG_0239 ❤


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