Written On The Walls

It was the day a relationship ended, which is hard at the best of times.

There was an event I was required to be at and I wouldn’t have wanted to get out of it if I tried, so putting on my game face, I went out into the world to give it my all.

What did I see when I excused myself to the washroom while the crowd was at a lull?

IMG_0728Bathroom graffiti at it’s finest and The Universe having a chat with me, doing its best to encourage me to do what I’m best at. Giving love and more love on top of that.

How do I know?

As if to emphasize the point, I turned to the other side of the stall and found more love and hearts.

IMG_0736 Even on the days that leave us feeling dented on the inside, The Universe is there to remind you: there’s love for that.

While it may seem easier to just give it up, there’s more evidence to support the logic of continuing to give it, because it’s the lighthouse that will take you back to shore on the stormy nights.

What does giving love look like when it feels like it’s left you?

Sometimes, it’s as simple as putting a smile on your face when you need to and leaning in to the hug someone’s offering to comfort you when it greets you.


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