Helium Happiness

No, it’s not about a heart, but I did want to share this moment, where the Universe was once again encouraging me to keep going and growing through a rough spot.

It was Pride weekend in Toronto and I was celebrating with my friends, doing my best not to feel miserable about a breakup.

I had an absolute blast marching in the parade, dancing down the streets of Toronto with people who loved and cared about me a great deal.

prideOnce the music stopped and we went back to the car for a short nap before heading home (yes, it was that deliciously exhausting to dance for 2 hours non-stop), I found myself wondering what my previous partner was doing and whether or not she even saw the parade, because the weekend was something we were looking forward to sharing.

It wasn’t too long before more negative thoughts showed up on the scene, because that kind of misery loves company.

Then, a smiling balloon literally slammed into the open window, got stuck and scared the absolute hell out of me.

Think about a quiet afternoon where you’re outstretched in the back seat of a car relaxing; you’re rehydrating, sore from dancing in the sun and dozing while your negative thoughts ran away with themselves and BAM, this face greets you in the car window…


There are times where the Universe tries to gently remind you to look on the bright side.

That was not one of them.

No, it’s not a heart, but it’s the next best thing.

And a story worth sharing, that’s for sure.

So take it from someone who knows…in everything you do, you’re fully supported.

Even if you’re choosing to be miserable about it.


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