Parking Lot Hearts

Sometimes, it takes a certain resolve to commit yourself to being happy, and in the end it works out for the best when we focus on the good stuff.

It’s not that we have to “forget the rest” as Facebook and Pinterest memes beckon us to, but that we need to make the choices that are genuinely tough at times, to remember the good things worth keeping hope alive for; the good things, the good people and the even greater experiences yet to take place.

There are days no one prepared us for, where sadness is easier than anything else and on those days, if we’re open to listening, even through the negatives, the Universe shines through with an answer more lovely than we could’ve anticipated.

This heart found me in a parking lot while I was walking home after a rainfall, insistent that things weren’t going to be better for a while, as if to remind me that they were getting better but that my perspective was making it hard for me to realize that.

Thankfully Love is there like a warm hug from a friend gently reminding you that it’s still going to be good, whether or not we’re ready to recognize just how awesome it can be.

And holy crap is it ever awesome.

IMG_0158 ❤


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