The sun was out, shining bright and the skies were a bright blue, punctuated by fluffy clouds that added to the deliciousness of the landscape.

I was out for a walk to read a book and spend some time by the water, listening to the stream nearby, indulging in the splendors that nature offers.

The very first thing I saw when walking down the pathways was this heart in the clouds.

IMG_1322 IMG_1325 Shortly afterwards, I stumbled upon a Blue Heron, sitting among the rocks in the shallows, as if the Universe was beckoning me to slow down and remember how many things work out for the better when taking that extra bit of time to say “thank you”.

Emphasizing the point, I saw a “wish” fly with the breeze, into some greenery and get stuck and the words, “Make a wish and make it big, Love,” stuck in my brain and just wouldn’t quit, as if the Universe was speaking directly to me, in a language only I understood.

IMG_1328 And that’s the real power of Love, isn’t it?

It’s about finding hearts and whatever signs call us to remember its true power on this planet and our place in that, but it’s also about the ways that it moves through our everyday with us, whispering to us in a language that only we can hear.

That’s what Love is and that’s what Love does.


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