Left It At The Lake

I had just spent about six hours in a car on the way to Manitoulin Island for my vacation.

The scenery was fantastic and I was glad to be in the car enjoying it so it wasn’t too much trouble, though I was happy at the chance to stretch my legs and walk around camp a little bit.

Finding a spot near the water, I contemplated the events of the past few weeks and just how incredible it felt to be making significant headway in my career.

So rather than finding a heart somewhere, I left one on the beach for someone else to find, because love is a thing that grows.

The sunset as my guide, I let the worries of the past little while fade into the evening and began a week filled with wonder, awe and around 2500 pictures and even more writing done.

Sometimes the heart you leave behind is really just an extension of the one you found earlier.


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