The Day Before Last

It was the last day we spent on Manitoulin Island and it was nearing the end of my vacation, so I wanted to soak up as much of our time there as possible.

We ventured out despite the grey skies that threatened rain and the blustery winds that tore across the waves near the bridge where the guys went fishing. With no fishing license of my own, I came along on this and other fishing trips for the solitude and peace. It also soothes my soul to be that close to water and my heart needed filling.

IMG_1888We walked along the side of the road leading up to the bridge and once we crossed through the tall grasses, we came to a ledge with limestone rock pieces instead of sand and a bay leading to the North Channel on Manitoulin. Passing under the bridge brought us to Lake Wolsey and though they caught no fish, I captured many pictures and was given the gift of a handful of hearts.

Once again contemplating writing, love and feeling more and more at ease with the questions I brought to the Island with me, hearts made their way to me.

IMG_1878IMG_1889IMG_1899IMG_1915The others made their way around the corner and I took my sweet time catching up. Once I got there, I perched on a rock and watched the dark waves churning furiously as the current and wind whipped them about.

Once I moved further down the jagged rocks, I found a few curious structures and still, more hearts.

IMG_1930IMG_1937IMG_1942IMG_1946It became something of a game, to see how many I could count in the piles of stone, boulder and pebble.

Climbing back to the top of the bridge, making our way to the car, I realized that if you’re travelling with what you can carry, the weight of thoughts and uncertainties become easier to carry.

I used to carry a huge purse with me on journeys out and now, I’m trying to carry as little as possible because vacation taught me that it feels better when inspiration finds you where you are, rather than feeling like you need to have everything and the kitchen sink to make inspiration happen.

IMG_1950What you can carry is more than enough.


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