What The Neighbors Think

The neighbors probably think I’m a strange sort of hippie.

I’m usually taking pictures of some element of nature or looking at a patch of sunlight they can’t understand; at least that’s the look they give me, before passing on a sort of smile. Truthfully, I’m quite content with that perception of me.

I went for a walk one evening, just to smell the fresh air and soak in the last bits of summer before the change of seasons was in full swing.

20140824-062619.jpg20140824-062030.jpgWhile making my rounds through my usual “spots”, I stumbled upon a crumpled leaf.

I mused for a moment at the way it sat decaying in the flattened grasses landscape maintenance crews left behind.

20140824-062354.jpgStanding there as strangers passed and hushed their conversation to figure out just what I was looking at, I saw it.

20140824-062413.jpgA heart tucked neatly away if you looked closely enough.

And I thought to myself, there must be a heart like that in everything. Something small, maybe, but something really good.

We just have to ignore the things our neighbors might think and pause a moment to properly see it.


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