Friends Disguised As Hearts

I was waiting to hear back about a job opportunity and felt the pinch of the time in between when your luck is on the upswing and you’re waiting for it to rise just a little bit higher to feel the breeze blow through your hair.

Out for drinks with a friend, we were chatting about life, manifesting and how things always work out for the best. Meeting with my “Starfish” as we call one another is like a warm hug that never steers you wrong, always reminds you of how beautiful you are and helps you remember that no matter what, it’s going to turn out better than okay.

We were in the middle of talking while waiting for the food to arrive, when confirmation of how wonderful the Universe is arrived on my glass of wine, out of nowhere.

And it’s like that with some friends. You find hearts when you’re around them but you also come to realize that in so many ways they are the hearts you had around you, before the shapes revealed themselves in leaves, puddles or food.

Those are the best kinds of friendships.

All kinds of heart.


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