Late Summer

It was another gorgeous sunny day in August, when I took the opportunity to revel in the sunshine, heat and greenery of the last bits of summer.

After last winter in Canada, I promised myself that I would soak up as much of the warmer months as I possibly could.

And it led me to the trails with keys to the house and my iPod.

One of the first things I saw along the way, was a bush whose leaves were starting to spot with the browns unique to Autumn’s splendor.


And I was feeling so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to do so.

I had the unique opportunity with work and its hours, to spend long stretches of the afternoon and evenings surrounded by Nature, finding a smooth rock to sit and savor. I found myself writing, planning and building the foundation for so many things taking place now.

The heat on my bare shoulders, head up against trees, listening to the water trickle through the city slowly, with so much I could feecoming my way, I was too excited to sit still any more.

I started walking further into the woods nearby, looking at the leaves beginning to spot the grass as they began falling out of the trees like a red carpet covering green, welcoming Autumn’s blanket over the world.

And like clockwork, I spotted a small heart.



It was a simple, small thing, but those tend to be the best kinds of surprises.

Because Nature leaves us a trail of inspiration that helps lead us back home to a place of love.


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