Leaps, Bounds and Leaves

It was around the time I started looking for a new job.

And it was scary to think about using the skills I know I have in a totally new way. I didn’t want just anything and wanted to get a job with a company where I could really grow and make the most of the new skills I’d developed in the past year.

So, as with any other worry I had this year, I took it to the trails and hiked it out.

There are few things as cathartic as leaving the worries of the world in a place as beautiful as the woods in the Fall. IMG_2667


I reminded myself that despite the worries and fears, I knew I could do it.

And as if on cue, the Universe reminded me too…


However faint, the message was clear.

It’s all going to turn out just fine.

Especially when I have no clue what the answer will be or where the path I’m taking will lead me.


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