Deadlines and Starbucks

Short and sweet: I had a really frustrating day.

The morning started out like whirlwind of to-do’s that I couldn’t meet and it gave way to an afternoon of awareness of the deadlines before me.

After spending time working on a few projects, I needed to give my eyes a rest and take a break, so I walked to get a tea from my local Starbucks.

And on the way there, I received a reminder that I was really fussing about nothing, making mountains out of little mole-hills.IMG_2704

What made me smile the brightest, was the fact that the Universe could almost sense the way my heart craved play and its enduring sense of humor, by outlining the heart in a star burst pattern on the pavement.

Even when we’re stubborn about it, certain that we’re flailing, the Universe brings us the perfect signs at the perfect time, to remind us of the truth.

It’s all going to be okay.


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