Found In Nature

It was a gorgeous day with clear blue skies and despite the wind, I was taking full advantage of the beautiful day before me with a friend and a picnic.

We were determined to get at least one picnic in before the end of Autumn and with it, the days where we could wear sweaters and on occasion even a t-shirt in the right patch of sun.

The view that day, was incredible.IMG_2891


I had romance on the brain, because I knew I was ready for it once again and I kept seeing signs of it all over.

While out at the picnic, I saw these two swans float silently by, and in those moments it’s as though the Universe whispers encouragement.

I knew the day would bring great things, though I wasn’t sure just what it would bring my way.

In the morning, I went on a hike and was greeted to this wonder of Nature, twisted and curved into a heart shape that seems hard to fathom, it’s so perfectly shaped.


The woods around me were quiet that morning and it still leaves me feeling a quiet sense of awe to this day, looking at how Nature literally bent sideways and into itself to leave a heart behind.

Desire is that powerful.

Love is too.

And they’re constantly on the way to us.


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