Softly Knocking Abundance

I had the morning off after finishing work at my old job and I had no idea what the day ahead would bring.

All I knew for sure was that it would be a good day because I decided to make it one.

And then I was doubly sure, when I saw this heart on the floor, made from the lettuce I was putting into a salad I was having with breakfast.

And as per usual, the Universe was spot on.

The hearts serve as more of a reminder to just stay open, more than they are signs of epic abundance overflowing in one particular day.

It happens slowly, so that I can savor each little moment and take in just how beautiful the world around me is.

And on this day, I was headed once again to the badlands in Southern Ontario for a great hike with two really good friends.

IMG_2914 IMG_2928

The hills are usually overflowing with tourists but we lucked out and almost no one was there. Moreover, the weather was absolutely perfect and once we were done at the hills, we took a slow, sauntering, country drive through the hills of the Escarpment. The colors of Fall were at their peak in so many ways and to say that it was a feast for the eyes is an understatement.

Some days love and abundance rush in and overtake you completely and other times they softly knock at your door like an afternoon with a warm cup of tea.



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