Graffitti and Guilt

I had a really brutal headache.

My sinuses were letting me know that the warm weather in late Fall was an unwelcome visitor and wreaking havoc with my allergies.

I walked to the store to get some headache remedy and at the same time, I checked a lottery ticket I had hanging around.

Without really realizing it, I had a winning ticket with a small amount on it true, but it’s money I didn’t have a moment before that.

It felt like something big was on the move in my life and that so much more good was making its way to me. There are times where you know for sure and other times where you don’t have any concrete evidence, but you do just feel like you need to be paying attention and saying thank you on a regular basis.

When I walked out of the store I walked past a bus stop and saw this…


I’m all about good graffiti and this one had my heart practically shimmering with joy.

Then, later that day I was savoring some tea with a friend and found the tiniest heart in the handle of my mug.


That morning I spent a great deal of time beating myself up because I didn’t make it in to work, as my sinuses were aching like no tomorrow. What I felt like the Universe was trying to tell me though, was that regardless of how guilty I named myself, it wasn’t going to make me feel better or change the fact that I couldn’t work that morning.

And once I cut that out?

The day got a whole lot better, as it tends to do.

Hearts are like little reminders that the Universe sees you and remembers your grace, power and strength, even if you don’t.


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