Art Galleries and Sushi

It was the opening weekend of the show my photography was being featured in- Elements.

Less than 8 months earlier, I debated selling my camera because I refused to let go of a painful memory surrounding photography. I believed what someone told me about my work and my skills. Saying that it was a magical moment, when I walked around the gallery the night before opening day, after I’d hung up my photos, is an understatement.


My Momma Bird joined me at the gallery and helped me hang my work. He took a moment to look around and take in the joy of it alongside me. While we were driving to the gallery, he took my hand in the dark cab of the truck and turned down the music to say, “Think about where we both were last year at this time. If we can do that much in a year, can you even imagine where we’re headed in another year?” IMG_3731

The day of the gallery opening, I was treated to flowers and after the opening hours, my friends and I went out for a glorious sushi dinner.

Being surrounded by people I adored made my day so magical. It felt like it was something of a dream come true.

I looked down at one of the shrimp on the table and of course, I saw a green onion shaped like a heart.


On one of the biggest days of the year for me, why wouldn’t a heart be there?


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