Far-Fetched Hearts


I had flowers in hand, that I had from the gallery opening and while walking home trying to beat the morning rain, I was stopped by a gentleman walking on the pathways with me. I smiled and said good morning to him as I often do to walkers sharing the trails with me. He looked at the flowers and said, “You’re smiling like someone gave those to you!”

I probably blushed a few shades of red and kept it in my mind that the best thing about this feeling was that it was coming without expectation. I didn’t want it to do anything other than be itself in that moment. There were no other requirements aside from simply enjoying what great experiences life were giving me and it was such a relief and a gift rolled into one.

Sometimes, in life, we tend to think about what’s to come and jump to the future but all I knew was that in that particular moment, I was just grateful for a really wonderful weekend and for this precious interaction with a stranger commenting on my “glow”.

Not even 30 seconds after that chat, I found this heart in the pavement.

I had run those trails all summer long and never seen it.

It baffled me how it could possibly be there when I spent so much of the summer looking for things like this.

And I stopped for a moment, reminding myself not to overthink anything and to just roll with what good things life was bringing me.

Was it that far fetched to think that in the time I was building, making and creating beautiful things in the world, it somehow got etched in the pavement for me to find that morning?

Maybe, but if we’re not thinking far-fetched things about love in the world, we’re not giving it all the credit that it’s due.


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