Vision Boards and Moving

It was the night I moved and was I ever exhausted.

Moving in general is tiring, let alone moving while you’re working with a broken neck.

My neck is doing much better now and is well on the way to recovery.

For several weeks around the time that I moved, however, I could do very little in the way of lifting or moving. And it wasn’t for lack of trying. I certainly tested my limits and learned quickly that with a neck brace and the pain I was in, it was not the time to test my limits.

I was trying to pack a box when I looked up at the empty bulletin board that once held the contents of my vision board and found two small hearts nestled side-by-side.

image (6)

It was terrifying to think about everything that had to be done and the hearts reminded me that with a little hope, some love and an amazing group of friends, you can do just about anything.


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