Graffiti In The Morning

I moved and had been in and out of doctor’s appointments for days, trying to figure out a solution to the problems I was having with my neck. I learned of a long-standing broken neck and on top of that, I was in a car accident as well.

The stress of the accident, the fallout with some people afterwards and the pressure of going back to work and trying to navigate life in general with that much pain and a neck brace were wearing on my nerves.

It was early one morning before Christmas and I was on my way to the Chiropractor’s office for a check-in and some treatment. The air was chilled, though not the Polar Vortex type weather Canada was treated to one winter before.

As I left the house and made my way down the driveway in the dark morning, I blew air into the dark sky above, thinking about what life looked like a mere weeks earlier. I often wondered around that time if ignorance truly was bliss.

If healing hurt this much and if it meant that so much of my life was going to look so vastly different, was it worth the stress I was going through?

I walked along silently, headphones in, listening to a favorite playlist as the world around me woke up to greet the day.

I approached a bus shelter and scrawled on the inside, I managed a small smile when I spotted a graffiti heart.

image (4)

Beneath it were the words, “Clear the way!” and immediately I recognized that the Universe was trying to tell me something, especially because the hearts showed up while I was in the midst of a worry session for one. It wasn’t quite a pity party, but it sure did tap into the most basic worries that one might have when the consistencies and constants shift beneath their feet.

Like a good friend, the Universe reminds us that the cost of a negative thought is far greater than the risk of sticking to one.

There are heart


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