Over The Holidays

It was a ridiculously warm Christmas Eve and I was making my way to see family.

The holiday found me stressing over bunches of little things that didn’t matter in the long run- family issues, gift giving, settling in at work, finishing the final bits of unpacking from my move and making sure I had everything for a few days away from home.

It’s how the holidays seem to go for so many. I promised myself that this year would be a low stress experience, but I got a little caught up in the fast paced way the season moves.

While basking in the unusually warm temperatures, I stumbled upon this heart on the pavement…


It wasn’t very festive but that didn’t stop me from feeling the light of the season wash over me like rain.

That’s what love does- shows up in the dark places and sore spots to comfort, soothe and keep us moving forward.


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