Take-Out Hearts

My room mate ordered take out one night and it was perched on the counter while he was doing a few things around the apartment before eating.

I wandered to the lower level of the apartment to hear him humming away in his room, the door open and my heart filled to the brim with appreciation for that moment. Joy was in abundance and I was so very grateful to be surrounded by the positivity he possessed.

Re-filling my glass of water, I peeked at his take out container, seeing what he was having for dinner because it smelled good and on top of the container I found this heart…


As if embracing all the positives I felt in that moment, happy at where I stood, the heart popped up in the most obvious way.

Sometimes the hearts are subtle as waves on the surface of a still lake, but other times they’re playful and I absolutely love it when the’re this playful.


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