Dishes After A Long Day

It had been a long day.

And if there’s one thing I’m sure of about adulthood, it’s that it doesn’t stop when you have one.

There are still dishes needing to be done and still responsibilities calling your name.

My patience was running thin and all I longed for was crawling into bed with a book and my pyjama pants.

As if to interrupt that train of thought and remind me that it wasn’t that big a deal and if a good night’s sleep would make me feel better, it probably wasn’t worth being so stressed out about, I found this heart on one of the dishes I was getting ready to wash.

There it was, plain as day and unmistakeable in its shape and its message.

It was time to start looking at the bright side once again because after all, the dishes would get done, I had dinner in me and I had a roof over my head; Doing all of that for myself was something to be thankful for and the responsibilities stressing me out were reminders of my overflowing cup.

Perspective changed in an instant and it looked a whole lot like a heart.


3 thoughts on “Dishes After A Long Day

  1. 🙂 I was surprised and remember laughing out loud at how small the stress seemed in that moment, if all these hearts are driven by something bigger that keep finding me. It was great and I completely agree with you that perspective like that does change everything. Thank you for stopping by and for commenting! xx

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