Nuggets and Dinner

It was a few weeks after I moved and a friend and I stopped to grab some fast food before going back to my apartment to conquer mountains of boxes I had left to unpack.

We were talking about life and while I munched on my salad, he was looking at his meal strangely.

I watched him quietly, while taking another forkful of lettuce, knowing he would eventually articulate what was going through his mind about his food.

“THAT’S IT! I know why this one was weird- there’s a heart in my nugget!”


And sure enough, he turned his tray around to face me and exclaimed once more, “Get a picture! That one is PERFECT for the blog!”

What excites me more than finding the hearts myself, is when others find it and get just as excited, like the energy of love is growing and creating a much larger well of positivity to draw from.

That’s what I adore so much about this.


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