Shiny Happy Hearts

I was getting ready for a first date, hoping that something great would or could come of making a meal and a drink of what felt like the seeds of a great connection.

While searching for something to wear, I was fussing with the clothes in my closet, trying on several outfits, hoping for one that made me feel like an absolute rock star, more than one that made me look like anything special. I care less about how I look and far more about how I feel because I know that in dating and in all things, if I’m pretending to be someone or something, I’m certainly not putting much stock in another person’s abilities to take me in.

Generally speaking, it’s also crappy to lie about who you are for anything or anyone.

And when I finally decided on a shirt with enough sparkle and shine, I realized the shape the sequins on it took, lending me some courage to breathe deeply and revel in the excitement of something new.


While the date was one of a small few, it was a great reminder that even in the small details, the Universe resides.

And luckily for me, it was in the sequinned shirt I wanted to wear most, too.


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