I wanted to feel good.

Happy, Connected and Protected.

Those moments where the involuntary smile turns the corners of your mouth up and sends your soul soaring with joy.

When I got out of my own way and stayed open to messages the Universe/God/Source/Inner Guidance might have for me, the more I saw it all around me.

This blog is about those signs; those little things which remind me I’m so loved that I couldn’t possibly wrap my head around it all. The world around me kept coming alive as I took the words from A Course in Miracles to heart, “I can choose to see peace instead of this,” when things got tough or I kept looking at problems instead of solutions.

I saw hearts everywhere but once I started taking pictures of them and sharing them on Instagram and Facebook, more and more people told me I should start up a blog to share them on, coupled with some insights and context. People told me they were coming to my personal Facebook page daily, just to see what hearts and good things I found that day, which was what really had me take this project seriously.

The most powerful thing I could possibly do is abide by the first lines of the Prayer of St. Francis, which is precisely what I started doing as I saw hearts and reminders daily…

…make me an instrument of Thy peace…

That’s what I hope this blog is and becomes. An instrument of peace that gets you just as excited about the signs of things being really, really good in your own life.

With all the hearts this world can find,

Cheryl Costello


Join in the play, love and hearts, on Instagram! @findingheartsproject


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